Nonopticon Issue One-December 15


Fresh off the astral presses, a brand new zine!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a zine is a small, usually self published work, with small circulation.  Think indy magazine, but usually with low production value and strange and/or obscure topics. Nonopticon will be a mostly internet circulated zine, though I do intend to print off some copies to leave around the town where I live. I hope you will do the same.

The intention of this particular zine is that of creativity, absurdity, and magick.  It’s a bit of a cross between an art object and a talisman of sorts. The point is to put more weird out into the wild.  For ease of production and circulation, I chose to go with a one page format.  Because of that, obviously, I have about 2 inches per ‘page’ to work with. Thus, the message must necessarily be brief, and hopefully potent.  More seeds of ideas really, than anything else. Since the demographic of the zine is unknown, obscure jargon and references must be avoided or simplified. I can’t say for sure if the format will stay the same forever, but for now I think I’ll stick to the mini-booklet and see where it goes.

The name is a play on the term panopticon or an ‘all seeing’ instrument of observation.  The Nonopticon (no seeing) will act as a dark mirror to contemporary culture, reflecting back the absurd, mocking the mainstream, and twisting back on itself the sacred cows of popular thought. In the spirit of high weirdness that came before, my intention is that it act as an unexpected seed in the wilderness of mundane existence.

Please feel free to download, print, and leave in hotel drawers, doctors offices, coffee shops and where ever else you might think (un)appropriate. Instructions on how to fold here. Please note most printers don’t print out all the way to the edge so you’ll have to trim off the white space before folding!



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