Fantastic Portraits of a Snake Charmer

Check out these awesome portraits by Juan Osorio of snake enthusiast Evan Wexler. He’s shown wearing authentic garb from Papa New Guinea with an extremely rare Boelen’s python.  In the right lighting the Boelen’s Python displays an iridescent sheen, captured here by the photographer.

Apparently the makeup process took 5 hours to complete, and the aim was the incorporate the patterns from the snake’s skin into the traditional body paint from New Guinea.  It’s like cosplay, but with snakes!





“hey who turned out the lights?”


Dat rainbow sheen.


I wonder what the snake is thinking during this whole ordeal?  Not only that, I wonder how long it took to wash all that makeup off? I bet it wasn’t as long as it took to apply it.

Unbelievable Portraits of a New Guinea Snake Charmer and His Python

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